Did you know that oral cancer has one of the highest death rates of all cancers? Early detection and diagnosis are key, which is why Dr. McCabe and staff provide thorough oral screenings with every visit. Sadly, the primary reason for this is that oral cancer is often detected in a very late stage when there's little that can be done.

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Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer


Unexplained bleeding in the mouth. This could be caused by periodontal

disease so be sure to come for your regular hygiene visits so we can rule out gum disease as the cause of bleeding.


Swelling or thickening in any area of the mouth. This might appear as a bump or lump. You might also notice a loss of tissue or the development of a rough area with crusting.


Red or white patches develop anywhere in the mouth.


The feeling of something being stuck in your throat or a sore throat that has been around for weeks.


Difficulty with opening or moving the jaw causing difficulty chewing, speaking, or swallowing. If you experience these symptoms, contact our office to evaluate possible Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD / TMJ).


Chronic hoarseness or changes in your voice.


Sores on the face which easily bleed and do not clear up within two weeks.


A change in the way your teeth (or dentures) come together or any other changes in your bite


Unexplained numbness, tenderness, or pain in the face or neck area.

Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Oral Cancer


1. Eat healthy - lots of fruit, vegetables, and fiber-rich food


2. Schedule regular dental hygiene visits


3. Have oral cancer screenings at our Newton office. We use a combination of visual checks and instrumentation that can detect cancerous cells before the signs can be seen.


4. Refrain from the use of tobacco and smokeless tobacco.


5. Reduce your intake of alcohol


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